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More and more people are needing help to get their trading back under control. It’s a fact, it’s been tough really tough!

“If only I could afford a coach to help me through these troubled times?”

Well maybe now you can, thanks to a fantastic new service launched over the last few months. Here’s the secret to how you can get the coaching you need but without the price tag…

My great friend Jeff “Professor” Quinto has done something pretty amazing with his brand-new Professional Trader Academy.

I have watched this develop from an idea, through a concept, into a fully functioning amazing service that gives every trader the opportunity to work with Jeff through these troubled times. No longer do you have to spend a big lump of cash to receive Jeff’s world renowned expertise.

Having seen the Professional Trader Academy become highly successful for its members, the time is now right for me to draw your attention to some of the many reasons to take a look:

Professional Trader Academy

9 excellent reasons:

  1. Let’s start with the difficult one, given the times we are living through – the cost! A monthly subscription to the Professional Trader Academy costs 99% less than hiring Jeff as a coach. No exaggeration anyone can afford this, anyone at all.
  2. The Professional Trader Academy teaches its members not just one but two trading strategies. Those who need something in addition to their current work are catered for as well as those who simply want to do something different. There is a short-term scalping strategy and a longer term position trading strategy. Both are taught from start to finish, with nothing held back.
  3. You can work at your own pace, fast or slow, as your primary focus in trading if you’re a new trader, or as a supplementary activity if you are an experienced trader.
  4. Managing risk, probably the most critical part of surviving the toughest of times in the markets, is also covered in detail. No need to buy a separate money management course, it’s all included free to members of the Academy.
  5. What about the psychological aspects of trading? Surely those are different topics altogether? Indeed you are right but nevertheless members of the Professional Trader Academy also learn all about the psychology of trading, indeed everything about the psychology of trading that successful traders have to master.
  6. Every week there is live education as Jeff and Aldo teach you everything from start to finish. For those who miss a lesson for some reason it’s captured on video and archived for later review.
  7. There is also a live “Chart Lab” every week in which Jeff or Aldo analyse the charts of members to understand what they have done right, what they have done wrong and what everybody can learn from these real-time trading decisions taken by other members.
  8. The exclusive Saturday Strategy Session, previously only available to Jeff’s exclusive one-to-one coaching clients is also available to members of the Academy. In this a guest speaker each month teaches a particular subject on a Saturday morning over and above everything else taught to members of the Academy.
  9. Last but not least a highly productive community of traders has been growing as staff and students interact in the free forum that is available to members. Can you picture 100 people all working in the same way, experiencing the same problems, experiencing the same successes and being able to share these amongst everyone else who understands exactly what they are talking about. The value of having all of these friends to bounce ideas off and ask question of is worth more than the tiny monthly fee that Jeff charges to be a member of the Academy.

We all need a friend in trading. Electronic trading can be a very lonely and soul destroying experience especially during the tough times. Students at the Professional Trader Academy have all the support they could possibly ask for from a community that knows exactly the journey they are each on. That’s powerful.


So there you are, nine very good reasons why I am delighted to do something that I very rarely do, which is to endorse a service. I know other people are benefiting greatly from this and my expectation is that you will be stunned at the value of this exciting venture. I have been.

In fact I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has been a member since the start. We all need a helping hand at times, and this certainly is a time when we all need a helping hand! Here is more than a helping hand at a price everyone can afford and in my personal opinion everyone should afford.

I suggest you take a look for yourself and see what all the excitement is about, just click on this picture to watch a 2 minute introduction…

Professional Trader Academy

Until next time, wishing you success in trading!

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