The Simple Formula to Generate Regular Weekly Income Day Trading!

Watch the video below to learn how you can take part in the 2019 'Daily Cash Machine' programme to become a successful and consistent day trader!

Your Choice of 3 Paths to Prosperity

Choose the one that best suits your personal circumstances, available time & desired speed of progression

Do It Yourself

Step 1

Study in your own time and at a pace and schedule that suits your personal situation at work and at home

Do It Together

Step 1

More rapid progression with additional advanced education and lessons every trading day

Done For You

Step 1

Jump in with 100% commitment and work directly with us live and in person for the fastest progress

Get these Amazing Benefits as a D.C.M. Team Member

Benefits vary between the 3 membership levels.  See the table below for what is included in each.

Triple Trend System

Step 1

A unique triple confirmed trend following system you can apply to virtually any market and any timeframe

Daily Cash Machine

Step 2

The specific day trading version of Triple Trend identifies regular consistent daily profits for you to bank

Daily Review Lessons

Step 3

Improve your performance from the day you join by learning the secrets revealed in each day's trading activity

Live Trade Log

Step 4

Benchmark your results and progress against our official trade log which is updated after each day's trading

Back Catalogue

Step 4

For even faster progress towards matching the system immerse yourself in the daily lessons from the last year +

Gold Training

Step 4

Additional advanced lessons on how to accelerate results, become consistent, adjust chart sizes and other markets

One To One Meetings

Step 4

Private coaching calls, weekly mentorship and monthly clinics to suit your chosen level of membership

Live Trading Group

Step 5

Exclusive to Platinum interact live in real time with Trading University staff, traders and other Platinum students

 Future Training

Step 6

Be the first to access planned future courses on "Practical Trading Psychology" and "Trading As A Business "

See What Other Students are Saying About Daily Cash Machine

Some students have followed the "Do-It-Yourself" self study route though to those on the full high-octane "Done-For-You" 6  month mentorship programme.  This year you have the "Do-It-Together" option as well!

Andrej  Kirda

Full-time Day Trader (now)

"I love the strategy, its simplicity results in its robustness.  Best of all I found this a real education rather than presenting some polished holy grail like many do these days.  You put emphasis on using indicators to indicate a high probability while not forgetting price action clues, giving us a well rounded strategy."

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Frequently Asked Questions

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