The Simple Formula to Generate Regular Weekly Income Day Trading!

Watch the video below to learn how you can take part in the 2019 'Daily Cash Machine' programme to become a successful and consistent day trader!

Your Choice of 3 Paths to Prosperity

Choose the one that best suits your personal circumstances, available time & desired speed of progression

Do It Yourself

Study in your own time and at a pace and schedule that suits your personal situation at work and at home

Do It Together

More rapid progression with additional advanced education and lessons every trading day

Done For You

Jump in with 100% commitment and work directly with us live and in person for the fastest progress

Get these Amazing Benefits as a D.C.M. Team Member

Benefits vary between the 3 membership levels.  See the table below for what is included in each.

Triple Trend System

A unique triple confirmed trend following system you can apply to virtually any market and any timeframe

Daily Cash Machine

The specific day trading version of Triple Trend identifies regular consistent daily profits for you to bank

Daily Review Lessons

Improve your performance from the day you join by learning the secrets revealed in each day's trading activity

Live Trade Log

Benchmark your results and progress against our official trade log which is updated after each day's trading

Back Catalogue

For even faster progress towards matching the system immerse yourself in the daily lessons from the last year +

Gold Training

Additional advanced lessons on how to accelerate results, become consistent, adjust chart sizes and other markets

One To One Meetings

Private coaching calls, weekly mentorship and monthly clinics to suit your chosen level of membership

Live Trading Group

Exclusive to Platinum interact live in real time with Trading University staff, traders and other Platinum students

 Future Training

Be the first to access planned future courses on "Practical Trading Psychology" and "Trading As A Business "

See What Other Students are Saying About Daily Cash Machine

Some students have followed the "Do-It-Yourself" self study route though to those on the full high-octane "Done-For-You" 6  month mentorship programme.  This year you have the "Do-It-Together" option as well!

Andrej  Kirda

Full-time Day Trader (now)

"I love the strategy, its simplicity results in its robustness.  Best of all I found this a real education rather than presenting some polished holy grail like many do these days.  You put emphasis on using indicators to indicate a high probability while not forgetting price action clues, giving us a well rounded strategy."

Invest in Yourself today - become a DCM Member

Get started as a Silver or Gold member immediately, or book an appointment for a Platinum interview


Programme Module (value)

Triple Trend System Training (£600)
Daily Cash Machine Training ( £1,100)
Gold Training (£800)

Daily Review Lessons (£150 per month)
Live Trade Log (£200)
12 Month Back Catalogue (£1,800)

One to One Coaching Sessions (£600)
Weekly Mentorship Meetings (£5,200)
Simon's Monthly Progress Clinics (£3,600)
Live Trading Slack Group (£10,000)

Practical Trading Psychology Course (£1,997)
Trading As A Business Training (£997)



Do It Yourself

1 month free

(£150 pm after)






(Save £853)



Do It Together

12 months free

(£150 £97 pm after)






(Save £4,403)



Done For You


(never pay again)






(Save £14,894)

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