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Your Choice of 3 Paths to Prosperity

Choose the one that best suits your personal circumstances, available time & desired speed of progression

Do It Yourself

Study in your own time and at a pace and schedule that suits your personal situation at work and at home

Do It Together

More rapid progression with additional advanced education and lessons every trading day

Done For You

Jump in with 100% commitment and work directly with us live and in person for the fastest progress

Get these Amazing Benefits as a DCM Team Member

Benefits vary between the 3 membership levels.  See the table below for what is included in each.

Triple Trend System

A unique triple confirmed trend following system you can apply to virtually any market and any timeframe

Daily Cash Machine

The specific day trading version of Triple Trend identifies regular consistent daily profits for you to bank

Daily Review Lessons

Improve your performance from the day you join by learning the secrets revealed in each day's trading activity

Live Trade Log

Benchmark your results and progress against our official trade log which is updated after each day's trading

Back Catalogue

For even faster progress towards matching the system immerse yourself in the daily lessons from the last 2 years

Gold Training

Additional advanced lessons on how to accelerate results, become consistent, adjust chart sizes and other markets

One To One Meetings

Private coaching calls, weekly mentorship and monthly clinics to suit your chosen level of membership

Live Trading Group

Exclusive to Platinum interact live in real time with Trading University staff, traders and other Platinum students

 Future Training

Be the first to access planned future courses on "Practical Trading Psychology" and "Trading As A Business "

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Some students have followed the "Do-It-Yourself" self study route though to those on the full high-octane "Done-For-You" 6  month mentorship programme.  This year you have the "Do-It-Together" option as well!

Andrej  Kirda

Full-time Day Trader (now)

"I love the strategy, its simplicity results in its robustness.  Best of all I found this a real education rather than presenting some polished holy grail like many do these days.  You put emphasis on using indicators to indicate a high probability while not forgetting price action clues, giving us a well rounded strategy."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it perform in sideways markets?

What are the performance statistics?

Are results guaranteed?

Nothing in trading is guaranteed!  But the DCM has proven itself over a long period of time, churning out profitable trades week after week, month after month.

There are losing trades of course and even some losing days.  However since we started formally tracking DCM in our Daily Review Videos and Live Trade Log, every month has been profitable, averaging around $5,000 trading a single contract. 

It is a rare day trading system we have absolute faith in.

Will I be able to do this?

The answer to this really comes down to whether or not you have the discipline to follow the rules and the patience to wait for correct trades to set up.  If so, then absolutely you will be able to do this!  You will not find this difficult to learn or to understand the logic of the system. 

You will need some screen time and some practise before going live.  It is also good to have other things to do during your chosen trading hours as we are not glued to the screen permanently.  So we want to avoid the temptation to click the mouse until DCM tells us to!

How much experience do I need?

You will need to know the basics of how to set up and use charts with some simple indicators. 

You need to know how to place trades and understand the general terminology of trading. 

Obviously the more experience you have the better, but a few months is really all you need to take on the DCM. 

What charting platform can I use?

There are so many platforms you can use as DCM is built using standard indicators which we adjust to meet our needs.  So start with whatever you currently have. You need a real time feed for the CME / Nymex crude oil contract and either Euro futures or EURUSD forex contracts.  In the very unlikely event that your platform is unsuitable  we can suggest an alternative.

How long will it take to be profitable?

The system is profitable most weeks.  Losing weeks do happen but are very rare.  However it will take a bit of time and practice for you to become profitable.  We have had students who are profitable from day one, others who take a few weeks to "get into the groove".  It really all comes down to discipline.  The better your discipline the faster you will become profitable.

Can I use this on other markets?

We teach this in just the 2 markets, Crude Oil & Euro.  With 2 to 3 trades per day you will have more than enough trades in one market to make a successful day trading career.  However once successful many students do like to either add 1 or 2 other markets, or move on to markets they prefer to use.  These include index futures, currencies (futures or forex), bonds and gold.

What is the Platinum interview?

Platinum membership is a serious commitment on both sides.  Before accepting someone in we need to be certain that it is the right decision for all involved.  Therefore we need to assess if this is the right programme or timing for you and how you would fit into this very exclusive group.

At the meeting we will discuss your trading experience, level of execution skills, time availability and commitment to day trading in particular.  While the formal mentorship lasts for 6 months, Platinum also includes life membership of our private live trading group where you can interact daily with Simon, Nick, other members of staff and other Platinum members.  So we also need to be comfortable that there will be a "natural fit" with these people if you are potentially going to be with them for many years.

The meeting is also an opportunity for you to understand further what Platinum is about and ask any questions about the programme.  At the end we will decide between us whether or not Platinum membership would be the best route for you at this time.

Why are places so limited?

As we teach the DCM on just 2 markets and we all use precisely the same charts, we are potentially all placing orders at the exact some prices. 

For this reason we cannot have dozens and dozens of people taking part or else we will all be competing with each other to get our orders filled. 

This is a particularly important consideration in day trading as we are not prepared to give up a single tick, we expect to be filled at our order price, period!

Over time some students move onto trading other markets such as index futures and multiple currencies.  Others migrate to using slightly bigger or smaller timeframe charts. 

Together these "migrations" reduce the potential impact we have on the market as a group.  In time this allows us to safely open up some new places the following year. 

But it takes time and we will not risk eroding our own or  students results by allowing in many members each year.

What does it cost in US Dollars?

Below you will see a widget showing the live exchange rate between British Pounds and US Dollars, Euros and Australian Dollars.  This is a guide as to what one Pound costs right now.  Obviously it fluctuates from day to day and minute to minute.

We have found most credit card companies to be pretty good at converting currencies close to the true exchange rate, unlike most banks!  So you should have no problems making a payment in Pounds on a card denominated in another currency.  The card company takes care of everything for you.

Is VAT charged in Europe?

The simple answer is yes.  If a you are based in an EU country we are obliged to add VAT to your purchase at the rate that prevails in your own country.  This is calculated automatically at checkout and applies to Silver and Gold memberships, plus the initial deposit for Platinum.  (If you are VAT registered you can enter your number at check out and the VAT charge will be removed.)

However, due to the labour intensive nature of the Platinum membership (falling under different rules) we are able to avoid the additional cost of VAT on payments after the initial deposit.

Quick Currency Conversions

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