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Jeff Quinto

Veteran CBOT Floor Trader

"In my 40 years trading, I have met just a handful of what I consider to be true professional traders.  Simon Townshend is one of those true professionals.  Over the years he has grown in knowledge and skill in placing his trading expertise continually at the leading edge of today's exciting markets."

Ron Mark

Career Trader & Financial Advisor

"I have been following Simon for over a decade and it has helped me with my own trades and added to my bottom line.  These trades have clear entries, stops and exits.  For those traders, beginners and veterans alike, who are looking to diversify their style and make more profits, these trades are great."

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"I congratulate Simon and his team for composing and offering the outstanding material of Trading Explosive Moves and I highly recommend it. 

It is the best trading education I have had, and believe it or not, was the least expensive, so the value to me has been immense.  Thank you!"

Dean Menzle

"The experience of follow the Trading Explosive Moves Course for me it was very motivating and refreshing.  The strategie is surprising simple and can be very effective.  I think there has been a lot of time spent getting this Course to this stage.  I love the fact that there is no dubiousness about the strategie - the setup is either present or its not and you can easily backtest this strategie."

Antoine Bekker

I have been a member since the start and have watched Simon adjust to the changes in the markets over many years, whilst maintaining an impressive equity curve.  It has been a pleasure being part of the group and a great opportunity to learn from a professional at work.

sIMON EVANS, England

My difficulty has always been where to get out of trades not where to get in.  Other teachers always tell me where to go in, but then I'm in my own to figure out an exit.  What you showed us here is genius, truly.  I can apply this to my own trading as well as your Explosion system.  Can't thank you enough. You rock!


Simon is a passionate market professional and provides a wealth of knowledge to the trading industry.  I have found both his educational products and financial services to be of high value.


Simon's trading is the "real deal" and one of few showing his actual trading results.  No hype, no long-winded dribble about economic reports and political goings-on... just trading signals based upon his ability to read supply and demand from the charts

MJ PEARCE, Indiana

If you want to become a trader and make money on the market the only thing that works is to follow a successful professional trader.  Simon is a great trader and his signals can be reproduced.  For sure you will become a better trader.  You only have to follow.  Happy trading.


Simon is the best of the best.  Smart as can be and exceedingly productive - I just can't believe the amount of stuff he accomplishes at highest quality.  On top of that he is a pleasure to interact with.  I think the world of him.


I have been a member since the inception and have witnessed first hand, on a daily basis, Simon’s keen abilities trading the futures markets.  The posted results are genuine, as is Simon himself.  Finding someone with Simon’s skills and integrity in the trading arena is like finding a needle in a haystack, and I consider myself very fortunate indeed to have met him and to be trading with him.

JOHN BLYTHE, San Francisco

What can I say……Let me start with 4 words, “Thank you very much.”  I can’t believe you’re so helpful and willing to share your wonderful trading logic.  People say, it can take up to 10,000 hours of study to master a subject, I’ve doubled that over the last 5 years, and the information you have shared with me, is without question the best information I have ever come across.  I’ve completely dedicated my life to trading and I feel very lucky I’ve finally come across such a nice person who is successful and willing to help others.

MARK, England

"I have been trading futures for 40 years and rarely do testimonials.  I will however make an exception for Simon Townshend.

His approach to the markets is simple yet elegant and will be a profound help to anyone looking for that next profitable trading opportunity.

I cannot recommend Simon highly enough!"


President Commodity Resource Corporation,  Editor Commodity Trends Newsletter

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