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Daytrading? Swingtrading?…just profitable trading!

It doesn’t matter what style of trading you prefer – long-term, short-term, swingtrading, daytrading, split second scalping? It doesn’t matter what markets you make your living in – Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Futures, ETF s, Options etc.

There is one factor common to them all and it’s not rocket science…

To succeed as a trader you need to learn the business from people who are actually in the business!

That means learning from people who make their livings from the markets and who have been trading for decades.

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  • Forget the silly get rich quick scams
  • Forget those hot off the press latest miracle systems
  • Forget automated trading software
  • Forget educators who don’t even trade


This junk just costs you money, raises your expectations and then flat out never works! Well does it?

Trading is a career

It’s time to get real. It’s time to recognise that trading is a career, not a game. You have to be able to compete with the sharpest minds on the planet! This is a great career, but one that still has to be learned. This is no different than learning to be a doctor, an engineer, a soldier or any other serious profession. Becoming a successful trader requires four things:

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  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Discipline
  • Dedication


So instead of chasing your tail trying to make the latest snake oil perform its magic, let’s start afresh. Work with me and my colleagues and let’s get started turning you into a real career trader.

You can become a successful trader

I have been in the markets since 1981 and have traded full-time for many years now. My colleagues here are also successful career traders boasting 10, 20 even 30 years of full-time trading.

So we know what it really takes to trade for a living. Between us we have trained hundreds of people before you who now make their living in the markets. Many of those former students have become close friends and even some that still trade with us live every day.

Will you be our next success story?

Remember “Knowledge, Experience, Discipline and Dedication”. Get those all in place and there is no reason on earth why you shouldn’t be joining the elite 2% club of highly profitable traders.

Get started for FREE!

We have built The Trading University to help you further your knowledge of this exciting world of online trading. You can progress at whatever pace suits your own needs and aspirations. There is a membership to suit everyone – from complete newcomers seeking a foundation to build a career upon, through to already experienced professionals wishing to hone their skills or expand their activities.

Other memberships are also available (click here for details). Maybe you are a position trader who wants to learn daytrading? Maybe daytrading is already your thing and you want to use the latest high frequency trading technology to add some rapid-fire scalping into your daily activities? Maybe daytrading is too demanding and you want to step out to trading the bigger swings and multi-day holding periods?

There is an advanced trading faculty with education, coaching and even one to one mentoring available to meet all of these needs. But for now lets just focus on the benefits you will receive with your Free Membership…

Let me guide you through the minefields that so often end the careers of many unwary newcomers until you become a master of swingtrading or daytrading yourself.

The fact is that this is NOT an easy way for most people to earn a living, but…

For those who take the time to acquire the knowledge and to learn the skills, it can be very rewarding indeed.

All of the knowledge and experience we share in our Free Membership is, errr, absolutely free:

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  • Articles teaching specific skills and the latest news
  • Video training modules revealing techniques we use every day
  • Reports and entire books digitally delivered to your desktop
  • Podcasts to motivate and deliver short, sharp but critical lessons
  • Private webinar invitations – exclusively for University members

Immerse yourself in the tips and tricks gained over decades of learning this business the hard way! It cost me six-figures and most of my hair to discover these secrets. Save yourself the psychological grief, financial cost and follicle challenge not to mention years of time!

The Free Membership will get you heading in the right direction and away from all of the get rich quick rubbish that the internet is awash with.

Snake Oil Salesman - would you buy a car from this guy? Then why buy a daytrading course from him?

Invest time or money?

There are few shortcuts in this business. If you want to trade for a living you DO have to invest the time it takes to learn how to trade. It is just like any other career choice you could make.

But professional trading has nothing to do with silly systems and bits of software that are supposed to make you a millionaire next month. Keep your money safely in your pocket and forget all of that nonsense!

There are plenty of crooks out there selling the dream of trading for a living and they are only too happy to relieve you of a few thousand dollars for the latest miracle software etc.

Would you buy a used car from this guy? No. Well why would you buy some magic daytrading software from him? In fact forget daytrading for a moment, why would you buy anything at all from someone who is not actually an expert in his or her field?

“Its OK sir, your surgeon hasn’t actually worked in medicine, but you have nothing to worry about!” Ummm I don’t think so thanks all the same.

So your daytrading guru hasn’t actually done any daytrading? But he sells a wicked system with 100% success rate. Sounds crazy doesn’t it when you think of it that way! But what’s the difference? Brain surgery, daytrading? Funnily enough they have one Major thing in common…

These professions attract some of the sharpest minds on the planet!

So if you are preparing to do battle with someone rather bright and extremely experienced, which is what you actually ARE doing by the way, then you are going to need a lot more than some silly piece of software whose only true purpose is to transfer a few dollars from your pocket into the pocket of the software seller who mysteriously has never traded in his life!

I am sorry if that ruins a dream, but as my many thousands of followers know, I always tell it to you straight and am not afraid of ruffling a few feathers along the way! So its your call – you can “invest” your hard earned cash in the latest sure thing, can’t possibly fail, 100% accurate software gizmo or system. Or instead you can invest time in learning to become a professional trader with a long-term career ahead of you?

Want to know the truth about trading success?

The mathematics behind successThe fact remains that out of every 10 traders, 8 lose money, 1 just about scrapes through to breakeven and only 1 makes any money at all!

This is despite all of these “can’t possibly go wrong miracle software systems” that mysteriously stop working the moment you or I buy them.

But here’s the thing…all of that money that the vast majority of ill informed and inexperienced traders lose, doesn’t just evaporate.

Far from it in fact.

Ultimately all of that money that 8 out 10 traders lose, ends up in the hands of the 1 in 10 successful traders.

Which is why this is such a profitable business to be in, if you are prepared to acquire the experience necessary to become one of those 1 in 10 happy traders.

Contrary to popular belief, the markets don’t actually create money. Nor do they lose it. The markets are no more than a mechanism for transfering money from one participant to another. That’s all they do and they do the some thing day after day after day. They have done this same thing for hundreds of years and will continue to do just the same for hundreds of years to come.

This is known as a zero-sum game (check wikipedia).

The only question you have to answer is whether you would prefer to play that vital role of feeding cash into the markets or to become one of that elite group who are taking that money back out again! We both know which group you would like to be in. Armed with all of the priceless information I am sharing in our Free Membership there is no reason at all why you cannot move rapidly into that exclusive 1 in 10 club.

10% or 2%?

Daytraders and Swingtraders alike love my 4 Golden RulesIn fact of the 10% of traders who are profitable, the degree of success is also heavily skewed. So once you are in the “1 in 10 club” the goal shifts up another gear as you set your sights on the top 2%. Why? Well the top 2% are not just profitable, but highly profitable and consistently profitable.

Now this should be your ultimate destination. It is true that achieving this upper echelon of an already elite club isn’t easy. But that is where our advanced trading faculties come into play – taking our already successful students to a very different place altogether 🙂

But we all have to learn to walk before we run and while I encourage you to check out our advanced training to see what the future has in stall for you when the time is right, for now let’s take the first little step and get your Free Membership set up.

Just click here to get registered and in less than a minute we’ll be starting a very exciting journey together.

Every single successful trader follows these rules!

Oh and before I forget, your Free Membership also includes a subscription to my famous Simon Says newsletter and a copy of my book – The 4 Golden Rules of Successful Trading.

Daytrading or swingtrading, stocks, forex or future – without fail every single successful trader applies these 4 critical rules in each and every trade they make. In contrast most losing traders are unaware of one or more (or often all) of them – and that makes all the difference in the world.  It is not a coincidence that I have even had…

a former exchange director describe my 4 Rules as “Golden”

Make sure you get your copy and implement these without a moment’s delay! I’ll see you in the Members Area in just a moment.

Wishing you successful trading and an equally exciting journey.

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